Snapper Fishing Charters Melbourne | Launching Daily From Carrum
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Jump aboard our famous bagout snapper fishing charter!

Summary Of Snapper Fishing Charters

Target Fish   Snapper (Pagrus Auratus)
Time on water   Approximately 5 hrs
Time of year   October – January
Time of week   7 days a week
Departure Times   5am, 10am, 3pm
Departure Point   Patterson Lakes Boat Ramp, 1 Launching Way, Carrum, Melbourne
Price Range  $190 per person
Boat Capacity   Max 10 people
Best deals   Early October and mid week Tues – Thurs

Terms & Conditions:


  • All our fishing charters require you to obtain a Victorian Fishing License. More information is provided here:


  • We strictly do not offer refunds based on a change of mind or situations out of our control such as bad weather conditions. Instead, we provide alternative dates for your charter or a voucher for a charter that can be redeemed at a suitable date in the future. Please understand that this isn’t a hobby for me this is a business. Big businesses don’t accept it so why should small businesses? We look forward to having you onboard.

Full Charter Details

When is the best time to catch Snapper in Melbourne

The best time to catch this fish is at the end of the year – between October and January. This is when the water temperature warms up in the bay enough to draw the Snapper in from the Bass Strait. We run 3 charters in Port Phillip Bay daily, 7 days a week during the season so it doesn’t matter whether your a morning or night person. Note: the departure times below will vary a little depending on tides,  so use it as a rough guide only.

  • 5am-10am
  • 10am-3pm
  • 3pm-8pm
Where is the best place to catch Snapper in Melbourne?

Port Phillip Bay is the body of water that surrounds Melbourne to the south. You can catch Snapper all along the coast of Australia but they tend to venture close into the Port Phillip Bay with the onset of the warmer water flowing into the bay typically mid to late October.


The bay is quite large and varies in depth. However, we’ve been fishing and running charters for over 30 years in and around Melbourne and know some secret spots, usually around some underwater ‘structure’ or natural sea bed formations which increase the chance of finding fish. Adding a burley trail will also increase your chances as Port Phillip Bay is quite a large area of water.

Where do our Charters leave from?

Our Snapper charters leave from Patterson’s lakes boat ramp at 1 Launching Way, Carrum, Melbourne, Victoria. See the Google map below. You best bet is to drive there and use the parking or get the train to Carrum station and walk a few blocks to the boat ramp. The boat ramp area is called “Launching Way”.

Why Choose Bag Out Fishing Charters?

We are one of the original charter companies in Melbourne and owner Steve has been fishing all his life – Experience matters


We only take a maximum of 10 people and have lots of rods to go around.


Unlike some operators, we only run our snapper fishing charters when the fish are in high numbers i.e. we avoid running charters too early or too late to increase the chance of you actually catching something.


We like to be professional but also crack a joke (and a beer) to two to make sure you have a good time on the water.

What fish do you catch on this charter?

We specifically target only Snapper on this charter although you can sometimes catch other species. They are a very good eating fish and can fight very hard. Typically you’ll catch anything from juvenile snapper called ‘pinkies’ through to your 0.8-1kg place sized fish (perfect for eating) through to trophy fish sized specimens around the 10-12kg mark.

Meeting Point: Patterson Lakes Boat Ramp, 1 Launching Way, Carrum, Melbourne. All the details will be discussed when your booking is confirmed.

How much does this snapper charter cost?


Standard prices are $180pp. Always call to find out how our numbers are looking prior to your date of interest. If you let Steve know, we can add you to the standby list.


Groups & Entire Boat Booking

It’s $1080 to book our entire boat for the charter (up to six people). The boat can accommodate a maximum of 10 people at $180pp.

How long is the snapper fishing tour?

It’s a half day charter of approximately 5 hours and we run these thrice daily. As we mentioned above, the times of departure vary depending on the tides. Contact us for an accurate idea of when this would be.

What do you need to bring?

The boat, rods, reels and bait/burley are all supplied. You need to bring the following…

Drinks, food, appropriate clothing (always bring a jacket), sunglasses to protect from sun glare, personal esky (for your fish or drinks), sunscreen, fishing licence.

Snapper Fishing Reports and Pictures

The best way to find out about our recent catches is to visit our Facebook Page which we update nearly every day and even during a charter tour live. Alternatively, just give Steve a ring and ask him how things are in the Bay. He generally doesn’t go out if the conditions are poor as it tends to not be very fun for everyone.