Bag Out Fishing Charters

The Difference


Owner Steve and skipper James have many years experience at the helm, knowing the best spots to catch the fish that you came for. We cater for large groups up to 10 people and also smaller groups to create a more personal experience.

Fish focused

We offer several different fishing charters around Melbourne and Victoria, and take bookings all year round. Fish don’t stand still and neither do we. So we port at three different locations in Victoria year-round and target the fish species that are in season at the time. This includes Port Phillip Bay, Westernport, Bass Strait and Portland.


Both crew members have fished throughout Australia and the world eg: Broome, Darwin, Cook Town, 200 nm out from Gladstone, Rowley Showles Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia, they have also won numerous fishing competitions.


Only the best quality tackle, rods and reels are used on board. We don’t skimp on fuel, or equipment which means that we will spare no expense when it comes to making sure you get the best chance of bagging that big one. So we believe it’s worth paying that little bit extra for.

The Crew

To be a good fisherman you have to have passion. The crew you will be sailing with have over 60 years combined fishing experience and probably get more excited than you will when the line starts running. When you come out on a charter with us we use this experience to your advantage and our passion to create a great atmosphere for everyone on board.


Steve has been fishing for a long time. As the owner of the business it’s his role to make sure you’re having a good time and come back next time for another charter. He’s fished around the world from Fiji to Thailand to Bali and England as well as all around Australia. Highlights include Rowley Shoals (200nm offshore) and catching Marlin up at Bermagui. Fish caught include: Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Snapper, Dorado (Dolphin fish) and many more.


Born and bred in Portland. He knows the waters around Portland like the back of his hand. Has previously worked on trawlers and also skippers a crayfish boat. When tuna season starts he works for the Bagout crew. Local knowledge makes the difference when it comes to finding fish.

The boat

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