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Jump on board the best Portland Bluefin Tuna Charter!

Summary Of Tuna Fishing Charters

Target Fish   Southern Bluefin Tuna, Albacore Tuna
Time on water   Approximately 8 hrs
Time of year   late March – July
Time of week   7 days a week
Departure Times   By appointment (usually 8am)
Departure Point   Portland Boat Ramp, Portland, Victoria
Price Range   $350 per person or you can book the boat for $1980 (up to 6 people)
Boat Capacity   Max 6 people

Terms & Conditions:


  • All our fishing charters require you to obtain a Victorian Fishing License. More information is provided here: service.vic.gov.au


  • We strictly do not offer refunds based on a change of mind or situations out of our control such as bad weather conditions. Instead, we provide alternative dates for your charter or a voucher for a charter that can be redeemed at a suitable date in the future. Please understand that this isn’t a hobby for me this is a business. Big businesses don’t accept it so why should small businesses? We look forward to having you onboard.


  • Cancellations within 24 hours of booked trips will forfeit deposits.


  • Prices subject to vary due to fuel prices at time of charter.


  • Please note that group bookings will take priority over individual bookings due to boat capacity.

Full Charter Details

The best time of year for catching tuna

The best time of year to fish for Bluefin Tuna is between the months of March and July each year. Some seasons run very late with huge giant bluefin being caught all the way up until October.


This year seems to be starting early and fish have been spotted. Bluefin are a migratory fish and the main school typically is first spotted some time in late March.

Where do you catch bluefin in Victoria

We move our boat to Portland, Victoria because the schools of tuna pass just offshore from this town and venture out to a natural deep water horseshoe structure where you get the best chance of catching a big tuna. The fish travel from the Indian Ocean towards Tasmania during these months so we intercept them offshore from Portland in order to get easy access to the deep sea waters just off the coast.

Fish Targeted

The species of  Tuna we fish for is primarily the Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Maccoyii), however we also catch a lot of Albacore. Both fish are part of the Scombridae family but notable differences is the more slender, pointed head on the Albacore as well as the much longer pectoral fins.


The southern Blue Fin Tuna is incredibly streamlined allowing it to swim fast through the ocean, the short dorsal, pectoral and anal fins are also a contributing factor, and the entire body is covered in tiny scales. More information can be found on our specialist Tuna Charter Website

What to Bring

Ensure to bring your wet weather gear, warm clothes, something to eat, drinks, sunscreen, current Victorian fishing license & esky. All the tuna we catch are bled immediately and filleted back at the cleaning table by the skipper. This fish is considered a delicacy in Japanese cuisine (eaten raw) however its just as good grilled or bbq’d.

The difference with us


The owner, Steve is one of the pioneers of the charter industry in Portland. He has been running tuna fishing charters for years. Together with the skipper (who is a Portland local) they make a formidable tuna catching team.



Make sure your charter is compliant with the necessary safety requirements. We always plan for the worst case scenario. Your safety is our top priority. We are fully qualified with a Master 5 and Med 3 on board meaning we can safely travel up to 30 nautical miles out to sea. This means we can go where the fish are so you get the best chance of catching what you came for.



We spare no expense when it comes to our charters. There are a lot of people who will take you out on a boat but there’s a lot more to it than that. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money, we are going to ensure that we do everything in our power to deliver. No skimping on fuel, no skimping on gear. You get a full day on the water and we’re not happy until you catch something.

bag out fishing charters rod selection
large group of happy bagout tuna fishing charter customers
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RRP $350 per person per day depending on bookings. Weekdays and last minute deals can be cheaper. Best to call to check availability and see if you can join other groups. I will always give you the best deal here so definitely check with me by calling or emailing right now.


To book the boat exclusively for your group you are looking at RRP $1980. Lower prices apply for two or more consecutive days booked and also for weekday bookings. Max 6 people.

Why are tuna fishing charters more expensive than other fishing charters?


Mostly because the tuna weigh so much we can’t have as many people on board for safety reasons. Also, travelling by boat to the area where the tuna are can take up to 1.5hrs each way depending on the conditions. Added to this, we need to troll for the tuna meaning hundred of dollars worth of fuel is consumed each trip. Add, Med 3, Master 5 compliance, safety gear, heavy duty tackle, boat maintenance etc. and its a costly enterprise.



Contact us for up-to-date availability. We receive a lot of early bookings but always have a few places spare. Best to give us a call and find out if we can fit you in. Call 0427373397

happy bagout tuna fishing charter customers