As our Melbourne charters come to an end, the focus will change to the ever popular Bluefin Tuna Charters for the Autumn and Winter months. This is where we move the boat 5hrs drive West to the town of Portland which offers us close access to the deep waters where thousands of Bluefin Tuna congregate.

We’ve been inundated with pre-bookings as this season is always very popular and restricted to 6 people per charter. If you like sashimi you will know there’s nothing better than eating some slices of belly tuna.

Not only is it tasty, these fish will give the strongest man a decent work out. It’s not unusual for fishermen to be physically wrecked after they have reeled one of these magnificent fish in.

If you haven’t already expressed an interest, you really need to reserve a place now. Often wild weather will wreak havoc with some bookings so we will always prioritize people who have booked ahead of time and paid their deposits.

Get in now, call Steve and reserve the remaining places before we’re fully booked for the season. Look for Monday and Friday bookings or mid week for the best deals.